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SHOCKING July 31, 2009

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I am incredulous.

In the face of an actual birth certificate (and numerous other pieces of hard evidence), you can still see Lou Dobbs on CNN saying our president is not a citizen. The news media in this country is totally out of control.
I atually heard a minister (YES! a “Christian” minister) say on TV that one may spend x% (he actually gave a number, which I can’t recall because I was so shocked) of one’s prayer time praying for Obama and those like him to die. I’m not kidding. How Christian is that??

What is going on here?!?


BEST DAY YET!!! January 20, 2009

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Thankful November 27, 2008

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My warm home and fine husband; my loving family and sweet kitties; my oldest, dearest friend, and all good friends near and far; Golden Gate sunsets viewed from my sofa; plentiful organic food; enough water; the few places to find crunchy fallen leaves in this moderate climate; the relative wealth of our country; the relative peace of our country; a home filled with music; a new president who appears to have our best interests in heart; skiing less than three hours away; a closet full of yarn; green, growing things; a sky full of stars; more good teeth than bad; a comfortable bed; the gumption that got me here; the life still to come; my many amazing travels, and those in our future; dark chocolate; beautiful places just minutes from home; and so much more, with the wellness of body and mind to fully appreciate all these blessings.


Holiday Knits Stamps!!! October 25, 2007

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Have you all seen these yet?!?

I guess our dominion is complete now…


Under Construction! October 21, 2007

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Of course I have big plans for this new blog… it remains to be seen how that works out.