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Did You Vote? November 4, 2008

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Just checking in quickly in case anyone happens by today- if you’re a registered voter in the US and you haven’t voted yet- please go vote! The lines might be long, yes- what a perfect opportunity to work on that sock or scarf while you wait! Not a knitter? Bring a book, or maybe a crossword puzzle- just go vote!

I, and millions of your fellow Americans thank you


Am I designing?? October 3, 2008

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My dear friend J. is having a baby! We know it’s a boy, and she’s asked the hubs and me to be the godparents- so exciting! I told her that of course I want to knit something for the babe, and she asked for a snuggy- you know, bunting, baby bag, whatever- to me it’s a snuggy. I have always struggled with the idea that a baby knit will not be long enjoyed by the intended baby, as I understand the little things tend to GROW really fast! And in this case we’re pretty sure he’ll be an ‘only’.

So here’s my idea- I’m knitting rectangles that I’ll sew up into the intended snuggy, and then a second snuggy too. Once the little lad grows out of his snuggies, I’ll remove a couple of seams and join the two snuggies into one blankie!! I’m so thrilled with this idea- and hope he’ll have the blankie for many years.  I’m using Bernat Cottontots (in two solids and a coordinating variegated), because wash-ability is an important factor. I really like the yarn- feels so soft and knits up nicely. Once there’s actually something to see, I’ll post some photos, and later, instructions (just in case anyone finds this post!!).

So do you think this counts as designing 😉 ?


Knitting Patterns September 25, 2008

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So I’ve been thinking a lot lately about designing patterns. I know most knitters do, and since I do have a degree in Crafts, it doesn’t seem like such a crazy idea. But I do notice that many (perhaps too many) patterns are for garments that are so complex as to seem close to unwearable. Kind of like haute couture- yeah, we can do this with fabric- wanna try wearing it?? When looking at some knitting patterns I have often thought to myself “just because you can do that with knitting doesn’t mean you should”.**

I passed this comment on to another knitter, and she found it amusing and seemed to agree, so I thought it was time to out myself as a lover of the simple. If I spend the time to knit a garment, it has to be something I’m going to want to wear. A lot. Heck, I want to be seen in the fruits of my labor! Maybe even get a complement or two, ya know? My knitter friend’s response has helped me realize that a simple pattern is not a bad thing, and that gives me courage to try. So if anyone is out there… stay tuned! There may be opportunities for test knitters in the future of this little blog.

** I love this turn of phrase- if you do too, and want to use it, please give credit where credit is due. Thanks,



Knit in Public Day June 17, 2008

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Well, I did it! All by my little self- it was at a sort of private party, but it was a BIG, outdoor party with loads of people I didn’t know, and I knit there. Yes I did, I knit a few rows on my little cotton sock. Now, the only person who mentioned anything about it was a friend who’s also a knitter, but that’s okay because I did it- I knit in public. On Knit in Public day.


Okay, so where the heck is WordPress located anyway? I just noticed that the date on here is tomorrow…what are you guys in Paris or something 😉 ?


Bad Blogger! March 31, 2008

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Well, they’ll never let me into DeStash with this kind of attention to my blog… I don’t know why it’s so hard to just sit down and do this, at least every week or so- it’s not as if I’m not at the computer pretty much daily…

I’m leaving town again for a week, (a work trip, but I get to visit my family back east too!) so for some reason that got me to at least stop by my own freaking blog… I admit to happily reading other blogs on a daily basis, but the typing? Not so much…

I have been knitting though- mostly on a shawl for my dear friend. I just LOVE the colors, but had an interesting time getting to the final selection: I asked the recipient to select colors from a particular group, and then tweaked one color to better fit the pattern design. The four colors we came up with looked just awesome together, both in the bag and through my teleidoscope. And with the first three colors knitted together, it was still awesome… then it came time to add the fourth color, and when actually knitted into the shawl, it looked just awful. That was a mystery to me that I still don’t understand, but after a bit of searching and one false purchase (see- I really do need that Destash thing…) I came up with a fourth color that I (and the nice lady at my LYS) think looks fantastic! I love the colors so much that it keeps me working on the project much more than usual. In fact, other projects are getting ignored in its favor. I’m even taking ONLY the one project on this trip.

I’d post an in progress picture, but that might ruin the impact of the FO for my recipient…. hopefully by late summer I’ll have it ready. And hopefully, I’ll post again between now and then!


Actual Knitting Content! January 28, 2008

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Well, no excuses… it’s been a rough few weeks but here I am again… and I have knitting to show you!


This is my first (and so far only!) actual garment (not including socks), completed in fall of 2006. I knit this adorable Mason Dixon baby kimono for a friend’s new baby, and it’s been so long that the baby has grown out of it long ago. But I wanted to post it here as part of my chronicle of knitting adventures. It’s made from less than two balls of sugar’n’cream cotton- can’t get more affordable than that. This pattern is geometric genius- I loved knitting it and watching it take shape. I had heard that the sleeves were kind of tight, so I added a few rows there, and in so doing learned that I should have started the neck shaping later to account for that- next time!

From my web-wanderings I think I’ve decided that I should try the EZ baby surprise jacket next- sounds like it has the even more geometric excitement!


FESTIVUS!!! December 23, 2007

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Happy Holidays to everyone (anyone out there?)!

I’m a bad blogger- but I guess I knew that going in. I’d taken this yarn pr0n photo a week or two ago, while daydreaming about what I’d knit with these two yummy yarns:


Representing for those California hand-dyers! 

On the left is some yummy Vivace bamboo yarn from Yarn Place (www.yarnplace.com). At the Knit & Crochet show in Oakland this fall they had the Soliel tank from Knitty knit up in this yarn, and I’d been wanting to make that top but didn’t know what yarn I’d use- et voila!

And on the right we have Argosy Luxury Yarns Haiku 4-ply: 55% silk & 45% cashmere- oh yes it’s yummy! (www.argosyyarns.com) That will be a scarf, probably the Yarn Harlot’s one-row scarf pattern, for moi as well (to go with the winter coat hubby got me for my b’day this year)- yeah I’ve got the purple thing. Have since I was 10 and my sister and I got to choose our room decor when tossed into one room by the birth of our baby brother. We chose purple dotted swiss (remember that stuff?) bedspreads & curtains, and when the curtains were drawn it created this ethereal purple glow that may have affected me permanently- but in a good way, I like to think!

It is my intention to post ‘the tree photo’ soon- I have a real Christmas Tree lust, and I want to share it!