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My very first FO (s)! November 11, 2007

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This was my very first finished project- wash clothes bundled around some nice handmade soap as Mother’s Day gifts for Mom and Mom-in-law in May of ’06. I did the stitch slightly wrong, resulting in eyelets in the pattern- but I really liked the eyelets, so when I discovered I’d been ‘doing it wrong’, I just kept at it. I had a thought one night while lying awake with hot flashes (oh the humanity!) that if I threaded a ribbon through those eyelets on the inside, it would make a cute little package with the bow in the middle kind of like a little flower. Perfect for Mother’s Day! I was so pleased with myself- then I got the Mason Dixon book (see page 54) and saw their photo of pretty much the exact same thing- and realized there really is nothing new under the sun, as they say! But I still really loved the way these turned out, and the Moms loved them too. They’re knit with Sugar’n’Cream cotton, color potpourri, on US size 8 needles. The stitch was called pebble stitch, but I’m pretty sure that the way I did the increases caused that unintended eyelet. I wonder if the Moms ever actually untied that bow and used the soap!

In other news, I’ll be away for a few days, and don’t know if I’ll find the time or opportunity to post from afar. So if there’s anyone out there actually reading this, see you in a week or so!

 ps- I hope it doesn’t sound disrespectful to refer to them as ‘the moms’- I feel so blessed to have them both- my own Mom who made me who I am today, especially including the knitter in me, and my hubby’s Mom, who at an incredibly active 88 years old, is a living affirmation that growing older can be fun.