knitting, eating (well, cooking first… mostly vegetarian), bodywork, menopause and general recreating

Thankful November 27, 2008

Filed under: Uncategorized — lynne @ 9:28 pm

My warm home and fine husband; my loving family and sweet kitties; my oldest, dearest friend, and all good friends near and far; Golden Gate sunsets viewed from my sofa; plentiful organic food; enough water; the few places to find crunchy fallen leaves in this moderate climate; the relative wealth of our country; the relative peace of our country; a home filled with music; a new president who appears to have our best interests in heart; skiing less than three hours away; a closet full of yarn; green, growing things; a sky full of stars; more good teeth than bad; a comfortable bed; the gumption that got me here; the life still to come; my many amazing travels, and those in our future; dark chocolate; beautiful places just minutes from home; and so much more, with the wellness of body and mind to fully appreciate all these blessings.


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