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Am I designing?? October 3, 2008

Filed under: knitting,knitting basics — lynne @ 6:13 pm

My dear friend J. is having a baby! We know it’s a boy, and she’s asked the hubs and me to be the godparents- so exciting! I told her that of course I want to knit something for the babe, and she asked for a snuggy- you know, bunting, baby bag, whatever- to me it’s a snuggy. I have always struggled with the idea that a baby knit will not be long enjoyed by the intended baby, as I understand the little things tend to GROW really fast! And in this case we’re pretty sure he’ll be an ‘only’.

So here’s my idea- I’m knitting rectangles that I’ll sew up into the intended snuggy, and then a second snuggy too. Once the little lad grows out of his snuggies, I’ll remove a couple of seams and join the two snuggies into one blankie!! I’m so thrilled with this idea- and hope he’ll have the blankie for many years.  I’m using Bernat Cottontots (in two solids and a coordinating variegated), because wash-ability is an important factor. I really like the yarn- feels so soft and knits up nicely. Once there’s actually something to see, I’ll post some photos, and later, instructions (just in case anyone finds this post!!).

So do you think this counts as designing 😉 ?