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Actual Knitting Content! January 28, 2008

Filed under: knitting — lynne @ 9:59 pm

Well, no excuses… it’s been a rough few weeks but here I am again… and I have knitting to show you!


This is my first (and so far only!) actual garment (not including socks), completed in fall of 2006. I knit this adorable Mason Dixon baby kimono for a friend’s new baby, and it’s been so long that the baby has grown out of it long ago. But I wanted to post it here as part of my chronicle of knitting adventures. It’s made from less than two balls of sugar’n’cream cotton- can’t get more affordable than that. This pattern is geometric genius- I loved knitting it and watching it take shape. I had heard that the sleeves were kind of tight, so I added a few rows there, and in so doing learned that I should have started the neck shaping later to account for that- next time!

From my web-wanderings I think I’ve decided that I should try the EZ baby surprise jacket next- sounds like it has the even more geometric excitement!


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