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Happy!! January 4, 2008

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You know, belatedly… happy 2008 to anyone reading!

This holiday was a frenzy of fun, friends and food… a great time, but a bit of recovery required! We had a lovely little new year’s eve party with lots of Champagne, and our good friends spent the night and continued the party new year’s day with quiche, mimosas, the Tournament of Roses Parade, and a walk by the Bay. The first day of 2008 was gloriously sunny and clear here in the SF Bay area- a good omen, I hope, for the coming year. I’ve heard a superstition that odd years are harder than even ones, and I’m hoping that’s the case this year ’cause I could really use a good one! The last few evenings of 2007 we had just awesome sunsets, so that seems to be good omen too in some way… or perhaps I’m just groping.


(sorry about the flash on the rosemary hedge, but just look at that sky! this was taken on Christmas day at mom-in-law’s house high in the Berkeley hills)

I’m the kind of gal who’s just chock full of good ideas, but has a really hard time moving them past that point. This year, if I can move just ONE of my many ideas forward into actualization, that will be enough for me to call it a success. Now if I could just figure out how to choose the one to focus on…


One Response to “Happy!!”

  1. “Ideas into actualization”….wow, me TOO! That’s precisely what I need, but could never put it that concisely! I hadn’t heard the “even years are easier” but I’m on board for that too. Also – love the picture, but it’s the rosemary hedge I like best! I can almost smell it from here, that’s really wonderful. Hang in there – MY idea to actualize (by way of a Resolution) is to at least send at least one story to at least one editor or magazine. At least. I did hear once that writers are the worst procrastinators; I must be a fabulous writer. I’ve got the procrastinating honed to a keen edge. If they ever make it an Olympic event I am SO guaranteed a gold medal.

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