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FESTIVUS!!! December 23, 2007

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Happy Holidays to everyone (anyone out there?)!

I’m a bad blogger- but I guess I knew that going in. I’d taken this yarn pr0n photo a week or two ago, while daydreaming about what I’d knit with these two yummy yarns:


Representing for those California hand-dyers! 

On the left is some yummy Vivace bamboo yarn from Yarn Place (www.yarnplace.com). At the Knit & Crochet show in Oakland this fall they had the Soliel tank from Knitty knit up in this yarn, and I’d been wanting to make that top but didn’t know what yarn I’d use- et voila!

And on the right we have Argosy Luxury Yarns Haiku 4-ply: 55% silk & 45% cashmere- oh yes it’s yummy! (www.argosyyarns.com) That will be a scarf, probably the Yarn Harlot’s one-row scarf pattern, for moi as well (to go with the winter coat hubby got me for my b’day this year)- yeah I’ve got the purple thing. Have since I was 10 and my sister and I got to choose our room decor when tossed into one room by the birth of our baby brother. We chose purple dotted swiss (remember that stuff?) bedspreads & curtains, and when the curtains were drawn it created this ethereal purple glow that may have affected me permanently- but in a good way, I like to think!

It is my intention to post ‘the tree photo’ soon- I have a real Christmas Tree lust, and I want to share it!


One Response to “FESTIVUS!!!”

  1. Those yarns are nothing short of LUSCIOUS! And the colors are going to look so rich in the one-row scarf. I LURVE me that pattern; I’ve made three or four scarves in a variety of yarns and it looks fabulous in any. Stays nice and flat too, I admire that in a scarf. Our tree finally has some lights and a few ornaments on; the rest will go on tomorrow when the next contingent of grandlings come to visit. The first set got a few on (Grampy did the lights). I think it’s relieved….after two weeks standing there without any ornaments (pretending to be a Thor’s Oak) it was beginning to wonder………

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