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Crikey! December 8, 2007

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How time flies by at this time of year…

The trip east to see my niece as Clara in the Nutcracker was just wonderful- got to see my brother as well as the rest of the fambly, and the performance was so much fun to see. My brother-in-law got to be Drosselmeyer, and I think he was pretty nervous, but he did a great job. And of course my niece was angelic. The most perfect, beautiful little Clara I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. My sister reported, however, that after the last performance she was weeping broken-heartedly because now she’d been Clara, so that was done and she’d never get to do it again. I guess after five years of  striving for it, having it be over is pretty hard- especially when you’re 10! She does get to keep her nutcracker though, so that’s something…

On another note, on my flight home they showed a Discovery Channel special about the human body. In the part about our skeleton they talked about the honeycomb structure of the bones, and how it’s that interlacing structure that makes them stronger than steel. In fact they’re so strong that Gustav Eiffel studied their structure and incorporated that study into his design of the Eiffel Tower. Now come on- can I not get away from that dern thang??

I know I’m not the only one feeling plowed under by this busy season, but OY! What with Thanksgiving and then hubby’s 50th celebration and the trip back east I am so behind on my holiday-making I’m not sure I’ll catch up. I’ve already accepted that I’ll have to spring for Priority Mail to get the gifts back east in time for Christmas. We got our tree, but hubby flew away for work again today (last time ’til next April-yay!!) and there’s just so much to do!! I’ll be making soap this weekend so it’s ready for next week’s Hannukah celebration with hubby’s family… then there’s cookies (I like to give those to my acupressure clients too,) and tree decorating to be done. Can I get an aw poor baby, or is there too much company in this boat?? I do love the holiday season though, starting with Thanksgiving, (as Jon Carroll says, how can you argue with a holiday that’s all about gratitude and good food?!?) and always strive to keep my appreciation and enjoyment of it separate from all the commercialism.

(PS- OMG! I just re-read where I referred to ‘the bones’ of the Eiffel Tower…)

One Response to “Crikey!”

  1. Awwww, poor BABY! {snerk} Actually, I’ll be 65 soon, and in thinking back very carefully, it seems as though the holidays inVARIAbly creep up on me. And c’mon now, it’s not like the whole retail world isn’t trying to help out, what with cutting off the Thanksgiving music mid-note and cuing up the Christmas carols. But my reputation precedes me, and if my Christmas cards beat the Valentines to the mailboxes they’re not considered “too late”. I also celebrate Chanukah and Christmas, and the truth is….as someone with a rather “heathen” personal belief system I do it this way: I light Chanukah candles when appropriate (NOW, this year!); we always get our tree the weekend after Thanksgiving and it stands in the living room as the Thor’s Oak (even if it is a fir) until near Christmas, when we get the kids to come deck it out for Christmas. It comes down the day after New Year’s (and some day, if I have a big yard in a rural area, it’ll be burned in a balefire). Here’s something that’s helped US, but may not be for everyone: No Presents. Well, not quite, but I SEE how much …er…stuff…my grandchildren get. So we get each child one quality plaything and a book. Period. MY children? They’re adults. We MIGHT give each a gift card for a restaurant (with a coupon for free babysitting, a gift for US) but we often allow them to gift each other. See…the truth is, at MY wonderful delicious advanced age, it’s MY TURN and I’m determined to enjoy everything, in my own way. So there. (PS I’m not clear on your “bones” reference, but can say that I eat Fosamax regularly; I’m 4’11” and used to be a whopping five feet tall. OY VEY!! 🙂

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