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A Quick One November 30, 2007

Filed under: knitting — lynne @ 3:49 am

(Anyone out there old enough to get that Who reference??)

So here’s what I did while we were down in LA- they’ve been sent off to Kay at Mason Dixon Knitting, but I just think they’re so dern cute, I wanted to share them:


Thanksgiving was wonderful and hubby’s 50th birthday party was a blast. Now tomorrow I’m off to Philadelphia to see my niece as Clara in the Nutcracker- so very exciting! She’s been wanting to do this since she was 5, and I promised her that when she did, I’d be there. Well, now she’s 10 and it’s her turn to be Clara, so I’m off again! (Really, my life is not usually this exciting- just a busy time right now!)

see you next week…


2 Responses to “A Quick One”

  1. they’re beautiful! MUCH more beautiful than mine were – plus also they’re actually square-looking and even and neat. Glad there are some really square ones….. Enjoy your own little Clara! I’m going Saturday next, to see a friend’s beautiful granddaughter, but she’s not Clara. (Not sure who she is yet….) Don’t you LOVE the Nutcracker? Enjoy your week….

  2. granolayarn Says:

    I love the squares! I may have missed it in an earlier post but what yarn is that? It’s so springy and fun! I’ve been looking for something similar for a baby blanket.

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