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Finally! November 22, 2007

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I could not post a photo AT ALL yesterday- just kept getting that little red x. Ugh. Not sure what the trouble was, but here’s what I was trying to post! 

Here’s what it sorta kinda looked like when it started to twinkle- it was SO awesome!

The Eiffel Tower is at the end of a park-like area call the Champ de Mars- it was once the  parade ground for the military school opposite the Tower.  Behind it is the Seine, and across the river is the Palais de Chaillot & Jardin du Trocadero. This was taken looking back across the river (you can kind of see the light reflecting off the water in the foreground). They change the lighting design on the tower every so often, and the musem there has images of the lighting through the years. If you go, you must be patient and wait in line as long as it takes to get up to the top. It’s SO worth the time! We were quite lucky the morning we went and got right into the tower. Then it’s three elevator rides to the top, and you wait in line to get onto each elevator- but no matter! You are seeing a different view of the city of Paris from each level- what could you possibly have to do that’s more important than that now that you’re here?? Also, you can take the stairs all the way down, which was quite an experience! You can really see the ‘bones’ of the tower that way.

Of the many things I’m grateful for, this trip is high on the list.

Happy Thanksgiving!

In addition to the holiday, we’re celebrating hubby’s 50th b’day this weekend, so I’ll be back next week.

p.s. to D-H: I’d written a nice review of our vegan meals for you yesterday, but lost it in the chaos of trying to post this photo- I’ll get to it again soon!


One Response to “Finally!”

  1. Oh, my dear – is that the ACTUAL Eiffel, in gay Paris? STUNNING! As someone who spends a great deal of time portraying an Acadian widow or French-Canadian, that’s like “home”….but I’ve never been, and am infinitely grateful to YOU, for showing me such sights! Even if I don’t ever get there in the for-real, thanks to you I can say I’ve seen the Eiffel Tower twinkling……

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