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Et voila! November 20, 2007

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Just back from (nearly) a week in Marina del Ray, where hubby was orchestrating a training for his day job- it’s always fun to check out that LA vibe, eat at a different assortment of restaurants than we’re used to, and visit with my sister-in-law.  We ate at Real Food Daily two nights in a row- after several days of hotel fare their delicious, wholesome vegan food tasted SO fantastic.

Thought about stalking our Crazy Aunt Purl, but the valley is a bit of haul from where I was ; )  I did get to one yarn store this time though, on Montana Ave in Santa Monica, L’Atilier. It was lovely- a nice little group was knitting at the table and they had some gorgeous yarns. But oddly, no sock yarn! Last year when I was in LA I found Wildfiber & Yarns Unlimited- also in Santa Monica (we don’t get a lot of free time with a vehicle when we’re there). It was interesting to visit those two stores one after the other- Wildfiber was very upscale, with lots of fantastic luxury fiber yarns, and Yarns Unlimited was much more utilitarian, with shelves and shelves of so many of the yarns I had been reading about online and wanted to touch. L’Atilier was more boutiquey, with lots of unusual knitted samples and perhaps the most fantastic selection of buttons I’ve seen. If you need interesting buttons on the west side of LA, this seems like the place to go!

Anywho- I threatened and here you go- my favorite tower in the whole world (well, at least the parts I’ve seen!):


I turned this image into coasters from the Kodak Gallery for a gift last year (no, really!) and they turned out SO cool.

The evening of the day we first saw and climbed the Eiffel Tower, we had a fabulous dinner and then took the Metro back to Trocadero to see the tower from a different perspective. When we rounded the corner, the lights on the tower were dark for a second, and then they began to TWINKLE!! I nearly wept with joy to see that sight- it’s way up my list of most memorable occasions. Oh, one day Eiffel Tower, I will visit you again!


One Response to “Et voila!”

  1. What a wonderful view! Is the Tower in a park setting? One day I’ll view the Real Thing (although it may be Next Time Around!) What’d you have at the vegan place? (I have to admit it – I tend toward being all about the food….)

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