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Self-Striping Yarn and Mason Dixon! November 8, 2007

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This is my first bias square- presented with many thanks to Kay from Mason Dixon Knitting (see link to right- yeah, yeah, I do know how to code a link, sort of, just haven’t tried in this blog yet…) and also my first time knitting with this teeny tiny yarn on #2 needles (I really like the knitpicks needles!). Kay’s asked for 4″ squares to make up a blankie to then raffle off for Oliver’s Fund (please rely on others for that link- see above!). Also, I just LOVE self-striping yarn. I know some folks thinks it’s ‘for dummies’, but for me it’s inspiring- I love to see what will happen next. Easily entertained I guess. My first (and only, so far) socks were knit with Knitpicks Parade, and I’m pretty sure the main reason I got them done as quickly as I did was the stripes. This is Regia Jacquard Color, and the color is called Paris. It’s got so many of my favorite colors in it- indigo, purple, lavender, cobalt- so pretty! And so today I also disclose my obsession with Paris. We traveled there two summers ago and I was so smitten I’ve been planning my return ever since! No doubt I’ll be sharing some of the myriad photos I took during that trip at some point.

Anyway- check out Kay’s post, and you too can knit fun four inch squares and send them to her, where they will be transformed into a no-doubt beautiferous blankie to help Oliver get a new wheelchair. What fun!!


2 Responses to “Self-Striping Yarn and Mason Dixon!”

  1. Drew Says:

    Hey, did you ever think that we are kind of like the Mason-Dixon friends, only with a bi-coastal slant! Atlantic-Pacific? East-West??

    Anyway, this is a great cause. Right now, I am (also) knitting up warm scarves for our international students who have arrived in soon-to-be-snowy Vermont without toasty togs!!

  2. ME TOO ME TOO! I saw Kay’s post and did the IDENTICAL thing, I’m knitting 4″ squares out of Reggia (I might even have the same colorway–my ball bands are history. It’s kinda fun, actually, and interesting the way they’re coming out. I’m an unabashed STALKER of that self-stripey stuff because stranding and fairisle and those fancy-dancy things are beyond me so I feel so *clever* watching the checks and stripes and stuff emerge. I made a nice pair of fingerless mitts out of it and about to make more. SO clevah!

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