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Introducing: The Kitties! November 3, 2007

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These are my two cats, aka gg (grey girl) and bb (black boy). They are my only children and also the rulers of our home. I love them completely. We pretty much live to serve them- just ask them! They were rescued from a dumpster that was about to be dumped- there was some problem with the truck grabbing the bin correctly, so the driver had to get out and fiddle with it- and that’s when he heard them mewwing inside. There were six of them, and through my friend’s daughter they came to live with her and seven other cats. When they were old enough, these two came to live with me. I’d only planned on getting one, but my heart was set on a grey male. Since this pair were so attached to each other, (and since between them they possessed my required traits!) they came as a set. And we’ve lived happily together ever since.

ps- they do have names- the grey girl is Grace and her brother is Greine- but that name always involves an explanation that includes my first husband and well, I’d just rather not.


5 Responses to “Introducing: The Kitties!”

  1. Oh, what unabashed treasures! They’re adorable, stunning…and I should admit, BB looks exactly like my Evangeline. Ever notice the propensity for cats to adopt knitters? We’re all just Lovers of Warm’n’Fuzzy, I guess. Thank you for the introduction. (Are you like many of us — a hard-drive fairly bursting with kitty pictures?)

  2. theendz Says:

    Thanks Dale-Harriet! I know of you from reading about you & seeing your photo on CAP’s blog, I think… Thanks so much for stopping by! It is indeed entertaining how often cats & knitters come as a set. I love the warm/fuzzy idea!

  3. Drew Says:

    Hey, dogs can be pretty warm and fuzzy too! Take, for instance, my girl-dog (well, once she was a girl!!), Maggie. Whenever I was working on the baby blanket, she would get all snuggly with it!

  4. Drew Says:

    PS – I love gg’s little black nose!

  5. lynne Says:

    yes, that nose-nugget is quite irrisistible- and it;s actually a very dark grey, which makes it even more adorable!

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