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FO! Nina Shawl for Mom November 1, 2007

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Here she is- from the beautiful Nina Shawl pattern from Mason Dixon Knitting. I just love this pattern because it becomes so many different things depending on the yarn you use. This is Elann’s Sonata cotton- my only complaint about it is the numerous knots I found in nearly every skein (refer to previous post re: changing yarn mid-row- for a newer knitter, the idea of unknitting 70 stitches was so daunting. But I did eventually figure out (doh!) the value of pulling out a row’s worth from the skein to check before starting a row. Of course, you have to remember to do that every row… and remembering?- so not my specialty.)

My original (year+ old) plan was to surprise my Mom and my best friend Drew with knitted gifts- they are both knitters and I thought it would be fun to spring my new passion on them in this way. But it soon became apparent that it would be some time before I finished anything, so I finally let the cat out of the knitting bag, so to speak.

My mom is just thrilled that I’ve taken up knitting- she says she finally has someone to “leave” all her knitting goodies to! And it gives us something else in common, which is a very nice bonus. (hi Mom!)

One great thing about starting this blog is that it’s motivating me to knit more- so I’ll have more to share! I’d also like to show off my first few FOs, but it seems I need to work a bit more on learning to size photos correctly for this space before I do that… suggestions welcome! Oh, and disclosure: I am a mad abuser of exclamation points- sorry.


3 Responses to “FO! Nina Shawl for Mom”

  1. Kudos, my dear! Beautiful – and cotton to boot! So smooth, such beautiful transitions…and I’ve been knittting for (fill in the blank, anything over 246) years, and I haven’t yet tangled with (no pun intended) (ha) stranding and things like those keen little checkerboards you have. Hooray!

  2. Drew Says:

    Well, hello from “best friend Drew” – how lucky I am to have such a dear friend as you! The Nina is absolutely gorgeous and I know your Mom is going to love it! Your mother deserves something so fabulous – remember when she knitted both of us those great wrap sweaters when we were in high school? Her kindness with that was only surpassed when she made my wedding dress – worn 23 years ago this coming Saturday!!

    Pleased to make the acquaintance of you other knitters out there. I am a complete blogging neophyte – this being my first post ever! I’ve been knitting for just over three years and am completely addicted – why oh why didn’t I discover this wonderful compulsion years ago?? No matter, I am trying to make up for lost time. Love lace, love socks, just finished a sweet little baby blanket, just getting started on an Einstein jacket.

    Happy knitting!

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