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A Quick One November 30, 2007

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(Anyone out there old enough to get that Who reference??)

So here’s what I did while we were down in LA- they’ve been sent off to Kay at Mason Dixon Knitting, but I just think they’re so dern cute, I wanted to share them:


Thanksgiving was wonderful and hubby’s 50th birthday party was a blast. Now tomorrow I’m off to Philadelphia to see my niece as Clara in the Nutcracker- so very exciting! She’s been wanting to do this since she was 5, and I promised her that when she did, I’d be there. Well, now she’s 10 and it’s her turn to be Clara, so I’m off again! (Really, my life is not usually this exciting- just a busy time right now!)

see you next week…


Finally! November 22, 2007

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I could not post a photo AT ALL yesterday- just kept getting that little red x. Ugh. Not sure what the trouble was, but here’s what I was trying to post! 

Here’s what it sorta kinda looked like when it started to twinkle- it was SO awesome!

The Eiffel Tower is at the end of a park-like area call the Champ de Mars- it was once the  parade ground for the military school opposite the Tower.  Behind it is the Seine, and across the river is the Palais de Chaillot & Jardin du Trocadero. This was taken looking back across the river (you can kind of see the light reflecting off the water in the foreground). They change the lighting design on the tower every so often, and the musem there has images of the lighting through the years. If you go, you must be patient and wait in line as long as it takes to get up to the top. It’s SO worth the time! We were quite lucky the morning we went and got right into the tower. Then it’s three elevator rides to the top, and you wait in line to get onto each elevator- but no matter! You are seeing a different view of the city of Paris from each level- what could you possibly have to do that’s more important than that now that you’re here?? Also, you can take the stairs all the way down, which was quite an experience! You can really see the ‘bones’ of the tower that way.

Of the many things I’m grateful for, this trip is high on the list.

Happy Thanksgiving!

In addition to the holiday, we’re celebrating hubby’s 50th b’day this weekend, so I’ll be back next week.

p.s. to D-H: I’d written a nice review of our vegan meals for you yesterday, but lost it in the chaos of trying to post this photo- I’ll get to it again soon!


Et voila! November 20, 2007

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Just back from (nearly) a week in Marina del Ray, where hubby was orchestrating a training for his day job- it’s always fun to check out that LA vibe, eat at a different assortment of restaurants than we’re used to, and visit with my sister-in-law.  We ate at Real Food Daily two nights in a row- after several days of hotel fare their delicious, wholesome vegan food tasted SO fantastic.

Thought about stalking our Crazy Aunt Purl, but the valley is a bit of haul from where I was ; )  I did get to one yarn store this time though, on Montana Ave in Santa Monica, L’Atilier. It was lovely- a nice little group was knitting at the table and they had some gorgeous yarns. But oddly, no sock yarn! Last year when I was in LA I found Wildfiber & Yarns Unlimited- also in Santa Monica (we don’t get a lot of free time with a vehicle when we’re there). It was interesting to visit those two stores one after the other- Wildfiber was very upscale, with lots of fantastic luxury fiber yarns, and Yarns Unlimited was much more utilitarian, with shelves and shelves of so many of the yarns I had been reading about online and wanted to touch. L’Atilier was more boutiquey, with lots of unusual knitted samples and perhaps the most fantastic selection of buttons I’ve seen. If you need interesting buttons on the west side of LA, this seems like the place to go!

Anywho- I threatened and here you go- my favorite tower in the whole world (well, at least the parts I’ve seen!):


I turned this image into coasters from the Kodak Gallery for a gift last year (no, really!) and they turned out SO cool.

The evening of the day we first saw and climbed the Eiffel Tower, we had a fabulous dinner and then took the Metro back to Trocadero to see the tower from a different perspective. When we rounded the corner, the lights on the tower were dark for a second, and then they began to TWINKLE!! I nearly wept with joy to see that sight- it’s way up my list of most memorable occasions. Oh, one day Eiffel Tower, I will visit you again!


My very first FO (s)! November 11, 2007

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This was my very first finished project- wash clothes bundled around some nice handmade soap as Mother’s Day gifts for Mom and Mom-in-law in May of ’06. I did the stitch slightly wrong, resulting in eyelets in the pattern- but I really liked the eyelets, so when I discovered I’d been ‘doing it wrong’, I just kept at it. I had a thought one night while lying awake with hot flashes (oh the humanity!) that if I threaded a ribbon through those eyelets on the inside, it would make a cute little package with the bow in the middle kind of like a little flower. Perfect for Mother’s Day! I was so pleased with myself- then I got the Mason Dixon book (see page 54) and saw their photo of pretty much the exact same thing- and realized there really is nothing new under the sun, as they say! But I still really loved the way these turned out, and the Moms loved them too. They’re knit with Sugar’n’Cream cotton, color potpourri, on US size 8 needles. The stitch was called pebble stitch, but I’m pretty sure that the way I did the increases caused that unintended eyelet. I wonder if the Moms ever actually untied that bow and used the soap!

In other news, I’ll be away for a few days, and don’t know if I’ll find the time or opportunity to post from afar. So if there’s anyone out there actually reading this, see you in a week or so!

 ps- I hope it doesn’t sound disrespectful to refer to them as ‘the moms’- I feel so blessed to have them both- my own Mom who made me who I am today, especially including the knitter in me, and my hubby’s Mom, who at an incredibly active 88 years old, is a living affirmation that growing older can be fun.


Self-Striping Yarn and Mason Dixon! November 8, 2007

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This is my first bias square- presented with many thanks to Kay from Mason Dixon Knitting (see link to right- yeah, yeah, I do know how to code a link, sort of, just haven’t tried in this blog yet…) and also my first time knitting with this teeny tiny yarn on #2 needles (I really like the knitpicks needles!). Kay’s asked for 4″ squares to make up a blankie to then raffle off for Oliver’s Fund (please rely on others for that link- see above!). Also, I just LOVE self-striping yarn. I know some folks thinks it’s ‘for dummies’, but for me it’s inspiring- I love to see what will happen next. Easily entertained I guess. My first (and only, so far) socks were knit with Knitpicks Parade, and I’m pretty sure the main reason I got them done as quickly as I did was the stripes. This is Regia Jacquard Color, and the color is called Paris. It’s got so many of my favorite colors in it- indigo, purple, lavender, cobalt- so pretty! And so today I also disclose my obsession with Paris. We traveled there two summers ago and I was so smitten I’ve been planning my return ever since! No doubt I’ll be sharing some of the myriad photos I took during that trip at some point.

Anyway- check out Kay’s post, and you too can knit fun four inch squares and send them to her, where they will be transformed into a no-doubt beautiferous blankie to help Oliver get a new wheelchair. What fun!!


Introducing: The Kitties! November 3, 2007

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These are my two cats, aka gg (grey girl) and bb (black boy). They are my only children and also the rulers of our home. I love them completely. We pretty much live to serve them- just ask them! They were rescued from a dumpster that was about to be dumped- there was some problem with the truck grabbing the bin correctly, so the driver had to get out and fiddle with it- and that’s when he heard them mewwing inside. There were six of them, and through my friend’s daughter they came to live with her and seven other cats. When they were old enough, these two came to live with me. I’d only planned on getting one, but my heart was set on a grey male. Since this pair were so attached to each other, (and since between them they possessed my required traits!) they came as a set. And we’ve lived happily together ever since.

ps- they do have names- the grey girl is Grace and her brother is Greine- but that name always involves an explanation that includes my first husband and well, I’d just rather not.


FO! Nina Shawl for Mom November 1, 2007

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Here she is- from the beautiful Nina Shawl pattern from Mason Dixon Knitting. I just love this pattern because it becomes so many different things depending on the yarn you use. This is Elann’s Sonata cotton- my only complaint about it is the numerous knots I found in nearly every skein (refer to previous post re: changing yarn mid-row- for a newer knitter, the idea of unknitting 70 stitches was so daunting. But I did eventually figure out (doh!) the value of pulling out a row’s worth from the skein to check before starting a row. Of course, you have to remember to do that every row… and remembering?- so not my specialty.)

My original (year+ old) plan was to surprise my Mom and my best friend Drew with knitted gifts- they are both knitters and I thought it would be fun to spring my new passion on them in this way. But it soon became apparent that it would be some time before I finished anything, so I finally let the cat out of the knitting bag, so to speak.

My mom is just thrilled that I’ve taken up knitting- she says she finally has someone to “leave” all her knitting goodies to! And it gives us something else in common, which is a very nice bonus. (hi Mom!)

One great thing about starting this blog is that it’s motivating me to knit more- so I’ll have more to share! I’d also like to show off my first few FOs, but it seems I need to work a bit more on learning to size photos correctly for this space before I do that… suggestions welcome! Oh, and disclosure: I am a mad abuser of exclamation points- sorry.