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Endz… October 27, 2007

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So I’m the world’s slowest knitter, and last week I finally began sewing in the ends of the Nina Shawl (from Mason Dixon Knitting) I started knitting for my Mom last September- as in 2006.  That’s them above- and no, I didn’t count them, but I’m pretty sure there’s nearly a hundred. It struck me that sewing in the ends meant the end of that project. And since this premature menopause is attempting to settle in on me, my hair is so dry that I’ve kind of become obsessed with how to keep the ends smooth. Also, menopause, kind of an end. And all these ‘endz’ seem to have been the inspiration I needed to finally start something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now- thus, a blog called Endz…

There’s so much talk in the knitting blogosphere of the unpleasantness of the task of sewing in ends. I’ve knitted mostly rectangles to this point (well, a pair of socks, but only one end per sock there,) so this was my first time dealing with a ton of them. And because of all the bad press, I kept putting it off. But then I finally started, and guess what? I love sewing in ends! I love that with each end I tuck in, the piece grows closer and closer to really being a wearble garment. Of course it’s the same while you’re knitting a thing, but it’s not a whole thing yet. Does this make me a project knitter? I had thought, simply because I do it for so long (being so slow…) I must be a process knitter, but this ends thing is so very satisfying. Perhaps, as usual, (and being a Libra) I’m not one or the other, but a bit of both.

 Things I learned from this project:  1) It’s a really bad idea to start a new ball of yarn mid-row. Now perhaps this is obvious to most, but I’m stubborn, plus I was worried about running out of yarn. 2) I don’t know how to hide ends well, especially in stranded knitting. I’ve looked around quite a bit for more info on stranded knitting, but besides the basic how-to, I haven’t found a great resource on how to do it well. 3) If you tie square knots when you change colors at the end of a row, be sure to UNtie both parts of the knot before you weave in the ends! Otherwise you get bumps along your edge. I guess that doesn’t matter if the edge will be sewn into a seam, but for scarves and shawls- untie your knots!

Next post, the finished shawl.


One Response to “Endz…”

  1. Project – process – process – project…*I* am a Process Knitter. I knit in every spare minute, and when, suddenly, I hold it up and it IS something, I’m just tickled to the toes. I almost don’t care what it is…and if it’s not headed toward being something else, it’s cotton warshrags, as they say. (I’m laying in a buncha those for an upcoming Lutheran church bazaar because if I loves me ANYthing, I loves me a Lut’ran church supper. And there has to be one of those somewhere in the bazaar scene, yes? Don’t think it makes no nevermind which kind of knitter you are! (Long as you’re happy, and aren’t we all, just?)

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